Hemp Tea

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Buy hemp tea at New Garden Lab 

In our online shop you will find high quality hemp tea in 100% natural organic quality. We offer a pure hemp tea as well as three other flavours, so that everyone can find the perfect hemp tea for their individual taste. As with all our products, we pay attention to highest quality: organic ingredients only, no artificial additives and the pure power of the hemp plant. Hemp tea offers an ideal alternative for people who prefer teas over other forms of CBD such as CBD oils and vaporizers.

We have found a partner who, like us, has a clear mission: To inspire more people with the power and versatility of the hemp plant. Together with our partner Dutch Harvest we offer four varieties of organic hemp tea for purchase in our online shop. All herbal tea blends were developed in cooperation with a tea sommelier and are intended to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Whether pure pleasure or enriched with organic certified herbs and spices - here you will find the right kind of hemp tea for your taste.

High-Quality Organic Hemp Tea for the Best Taste 

  • All hemp teas are 100% organic
  • Each package contains at least 50% hemp
  • Made from hemp flowers and hemp leaves
  • Free from caffeine and teaine
  • Free from artificial additives
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 40 cups per package of hemp tea

Hemp Tea, CBD Tea, Cannabis Tea - What is the difference? 

Hemp tea, CBD tea, cannabis tea, marijuana tea - how are we supposed to keep an overview? The imprecise use of terms around the hemp plant in the past still causes a lot of confusion - even when it comes to hemp tea. One thing we can assure you is: Hemp tea which you can buy in our online shop or in our concept stores in Berlin and Hamburg is free of THC and does not have any psychoactive effects.

With our blog we want to educate about hemp and cannabidiol (CBD). We also want to bring more awareness to the positive effects of legal hemp derived products, such as food, CBD mouth sprays or CBD wellness products like bath bombs or bath salts.

CBD Tea 

If you read about CBD tea on the Internet, it is usually a tea mixture of hemp flowers. These herbal mixtures are called CBD tea, because most hemp flowers contain CBD. The term CBD tea can almost be equated with the term hemp tea. With one small difference.

Hemp Tea 

Hemp tea is the name for a tea blend made from hemp flowers and / or hemp leaves. This is also the mixture that can be found in our online shop. In the Dutch Harvest Simply Hemp blend you will only find these ingredients: pure hemp flowers and hemp leaves, nothing else. 

Hemp tea always contains CBD, because it is contained in the hemp flowers. However, this is the useful plant hemp, i.e. a cannabis variety that hardly contains any THC (less than 0.3%) and is therefore not psychoactive. Therefore the hemp flowers of our teas do not cause a "high" feeling, but only have a relaxing and beneficial effect.

Cannabis Tea 

Cannabis tea is a tea that is made from cannabis. And it can be either a marijuana plant or cannabis, because cannabis is the generic term. If it is a tea made from the marijuana plant, the term marijuana tea can also be used.

In Germany marijuana is illegal. It is therefore important to pay attention to the ingredients of the herbal tea offered. At New Garden Lab you will of course only find legal products that do not contain marijuana or the psychoactive THC. 

How does Hemp Tea taste? 

Damit es für jeden Geschmack den richtigen Hanftee gibt, können Sie in unserem Onlineshop vier verschiedene Sorten Hanftee kaufen.

You get the pure hemp taste with the Simply Hemp blend. The tea has a distinct hemp taste which can be described as slightly sweet. The pure mixture of hemp flowers and hemp leaves exudes the distinct scent of the useful plant.

The Dutch Harvest Hemp Chai Organic Tea is enriched with ayurvedic herbs and offers a spicy note. The characteristic Chai aromas and a note of lemon grass make this herbal tea a pleasure for relaxing moments during the day.

The full power of nature is particularly evident in well-known medicinal plants. The Hemp & Herbs blend consists of selected herbs such as chamomile, calendula and lime blossom and 65% hemp blossom and leaves. Infused with mint and ginger, this tea gives a fresh and flowery flavour.

We at New Garden Lab believe in the power of nature. That is why a herbal tea with turmeric should not be missing from our range. The golden yellow root is considered to be an absolute superfood. Our herbal tea Hemp & Turmeric combines the power root turmeric, selected organic hemp flowers, lemon grass, ginger and black pepper to a fiery blend. This hemp tea is also ideal for preparing a “golden milk”.

The right preparation - How to brew hemp tea?

The preparation of hemp tea is not really different from the preparation of a normal herbal tea. The desired amount of tea is poured into a cup and directly poured over with hot water that is no longer boiling.

For the preparation of the hemp tea from our online shop we recommend to use one teaspoon per cup. Alternatively, two tablespoons of hemp tea per liter of water can be calculated. 

Hemp tea should be steeped for 5-7 minutes for optimal effect.

If you like, add some milk or a a milk alternative (plant drinks such as oat milk or soy milk).

What are the effects of Hemp Tea? 

Natural hemp tea always contains CBD and CBDA, the natural active ingredients of the hemp plant. For a further look, we have explained these active ingredients more detailed in our blog article “What is CBD?”.

A cup of hemp tea has a very special aroma and a relaxing effect. Through the active ingredients of the hemp plant and other medicinal herbs, hemp tea has a balancing and harmonizing effect. 

To enjoy a cup of hemp tea means to enjoy a moment of peace and inner contentment. Just relax - with our hemp tea.